The FBI, WikiLeaks, Putin, and Assange have become foreign and domestic enemies of our democracy via their unjust intrusions into our internal affairs. Some of our ancestor’s fought during the Revolutionary War, following the Liberal ideal of freedom from oppression. And what can be more oppressive than US investigation and monitor bureaus, foreign governmental agents, and clandestine groups intruding into our elections? We will vote in peace, but we will not accept the rule of any anointed despot. Our ancestors bled for this land, and most Liberals would gladly follow their example. There are keyboard tyrants and black-suited criminals afoot, and we MUST hunt them down and confront them. Our fight does not end on any given election day, regardless of the results. The enemies of our democracy are those who would vitiate our most sacred rights, including the right to a free and impartial vote. They will be held accountable. SEMPRE FIDELIS AMERICA! Sempre Fidelis!

We are dedicated to nonviolence, but believe in very strong actions. It is our purpose to defend the United States of America from foreign and domestic agencies, organizations, and media that seek to impose their will via criminal acts, fallacious propaganda, and intrusions into our electoral processes. Public files will be made available that contain contact information concerning relevant policy makers and implementers, with the clear and express understanding that violence against such figures in not our intention. Powerful and incessant public and private expressions of concern are our focus, with community notification, organization, and actions being important goals. When appropriate, we will gather in large numbers and protest, using civil disobedience as a tool for effecting change. If occupations are needed to change and/or eliminate oppressive private and governmental groups, we shall employ the power of our presence–making normal business impossible. If we must suffer for defending our freedoms, so be it. Our goal is transparency and coordinated actions, and our task is to protect and serve America’s Constitutional rights and freedoms. SEMPRE FIDELIS AMERICA!




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