A Rant : 8/24/2014

A Rant


This Ferguson case has been far more divisive than most, but it bugs me when friends use slurs to emphasize their views. As I noted in a recent article, scratch the surface and a lot of racial angst pours out. Some racial terms, like the “N” word, bother the hell out of me because I have many Black friends. Why the hell would anyone want to insult them–and especially someone who played sports in mixed-race venues? That’s bullshit! People who do that crap have fully disengaged their brains. Of course, some tell me I can’t use the terms Black or African-American, or even mixed-race. I’m told those are racist terms. Well, screw the f’n PC thought police–screw ’em all to hell! Look, I have two wonderful little nieces of “mixed ethnicity,” was married to a Chinese woman, and generally judge people by their behaviors and abilities. Granted, humans are categorical thinkers due to the way our information processing systems operate. Yeah, we tend to lump things into groups. But this system also allows us to make many distinctions within categories–for all members of any category differ in as many details as they are similar in others. Only an idiot would think otherwise. Be that as it may, we’re all prejudice about something. For example, I tend to despise folks who are stupid enough to believe that one can judge the totality of a person based on just a few characteristics. And when they toss around racial insults, I get more than pissed off. Yeah, I hate “those kind” of ignorant, red-neck, sons-of-bitches–which makes me just as bad as they are. Our wiring is fucked in some ways, but no time to get into the details. As I get more ill, I feel more free. My true nature comes out, an overly aggressive man who knows that he does not know–but ain’t afraid to roar. Could be worse, though not by much.

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