Blindness of Blight : 7/10/2014


by Dr. George H. Elder


 We have seen the pictures of screaming and mangled Palestinian kids, along with the limp and bloodied bodies of those who are rushed into overburdened hospitals by frantic families and friends. There are no words that can justify blowing up children, and it is utter folly to even try offering excuses. Claiming that it was the fault of another that “caused” you to act wickedly is to ignore any sense of personal responsibility–as in a policeman who shoots a kid to get at a criminal. When all is said and done, what Israel is doing is every bit as wicked as what some Palestinians are doing, and continuing this madness will not change a thing. Do you think a kid who loses a best friend, sibling, or parent to a bomb “we” Americans supplied will hate us any less than he or she hates the Israelis? The towers in New York fell for a reason, though we seldom consider what it might have been. We see effects, but often fail to see deeper root causes.  

At present, ALL the warring parties are planting the seeds of their eventual destruction, and one day mushroom clouds or far worse will sprout over all the major cities in the land of milk and honey, incinerating Moslems and Jews alike. We’re only 50-100 years away from that nightmare, but the seeds are being planted right at this moment by myopic and jingoistic nitwits who justify killing children as a matter of national defense. Take a look into the eyes of those kids who are being pounded every day by bombs and missiles–who see their best friends and family members being blown to bits. Their eyes reflect hatred; stark, pure, and infinitely deep. It will fester and grow, devouring everything in its path. Those children will one day become wild-eyed adults who embrace death, with their only goal being foisting the misery and loses that they suffered upon others. 

No words can change that, and it is time for the US to step aside. Israel is becoming like the beast it purports to despise, and it has lost vast amounts of moral authority as the slaughter continues. It is a nation that may one day reap a harvest that technology cannot protect it from. Be it a virus, bacteria, or bomb, the results will be the same for all concerned–friend and foe alike. It is only a matter of when and not if, for the hatred being instilled will find its recourse. In the interim, it is best for the US and others to cease supporting anyone in this dreadful miasma, this desecration of what was once the holy land.  

Perhaps America can do some good for the survivors, but this can never be accomplished by supplying weapons, blind support, or banal justification for unmitigated evil. Israel’s leaders have made it into a land of mass murderers; ordering pilots, sailors, and soldiers to kill and maim thousands. They are the tip of a spear that was thrown by a fool, yet hardly a one said, “NO!” Nor is any wisdom to be found in Hamas’ leadership, a group that trades lives for political gain. The sad thing is that both the children of David and the Prophet KNOW what will one day happen as the wheel takes its inevitable turn. At it’s essence, the land being fought over belongs to God, and God alone. If it is not shared in peace, it will surely be shared in mutual death–with only the wind echoing a refrain to what might have been. 


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