Buying Favor


Buying Favor


by Dr. George H. Elder


         I’ve been reading about the most prolific and wealthy political donors who help to pollute our political system with vast wads of money. The top ten in this group includes Sheldon Adelson (Republican, 79, Las Vegas, gambling), Harold Simmons (Republican, 82, Dallas, business), Bob Perry (Republican, 80, Houston, real estate), J. Joseph Ricketts (Republican, 71, Chicago, business), Fred Eychaner (Democrat, 67, Chicago, media), James Simons (Democrat, 74, New York, finance), Robert Rowling (Republican, 59, Texas, business), Peter Thiel (Libertarian, 45, California, business), William Koch (Republican, 72, business), and Joseph Craft (Republican, 62, business).

         Some of these rich folks are brilliant, such as Simons, a mathematician and theorist who has written scholarly articles. Others, such as Adelson, are not scholars by any measure, but are shrewd and hard-working business aficionados who know how to turn big profits. Most are elderly, white, Republicans, who contributed mightily to right-leaning political causes, and for not much gain in the last two elections.

         Yet what bothers me about ALL these folks is that they might be better served in giving some of their hard-earned money to people who really need it–like me ;). Hell, I’m awash in a sea of red ink, and that tide keeps coming in. And there you guys go, wasting over two billion dollars on two causes that do little more than create the kind of discord that ensures that the nation doesn’t get a damned thing done.

         You buy and sell political influence by the millions, and make yourselves popes of the moment. Then the lame-ass politicos come and kiss your rings. They say words that please you, and all the while our country goes to hell in a hand-basket. Tell me, are your egos that bloated? Are you sure spreading your ideology is the more important than the ongoing corruption that is destroying our political system? Yeah, you folks ought to be ashamed of yourselves. And that little bit of sage advise I just offered ought to be worth a few million–or at least enough to pay for my damn propane bill.

         So instead of giving to some damn pac to do the devil’s work with regard to our nation’s welfare, help folks in ways that count. And I know some of you rich people are already into philanthropy, although many of you seem to hate it when giving comes by way of social programs. I just don’t get that. On one hand, some of you rich bastards give to beat the band to scholarship funds, building programs, and education. But then you get all strange when it comes to the government doing the same thing. Someone will have to sit down and explain all that to me.

         But instead of swift-boating a Kerry or mangling a Mitt, why don’t you guys give to the “Save the George Fund.” Yep, you could foster the creation of witty essays like this here–at least during those time when I can stay upright. Yeah, I’m a disabled person, one of those useless eaters. Of course, needy kids deserve the help more, as do wounded vet’s, battered women, and the like. The point is, you folks just coughed up over two billion dollars in political donations. And what did you buy? Well, you got an increasingly divided nation, a congress that can’t get a thing done, and the possible ruination of America’s future. What a deal!

         You people ought to be whacked with a big stick, but let’s not go there. Instead, let us look toward what needs to be done to help the country. And don’t tell me it’s giving even more money to damn politicians! The system has become corrupted enough, and it has reached the stage wherein it is failing fast. You rich geeks have been a big part of the problem and not the solution–which is something you need to be told. So put your mendacity aside and help set things right. I think you know the causes that are worth a damn, and they are not associated with parties or pacs or politics. They are associated with your neighbors, children, and folks in need. If you guys can’t see that, you’re not looking hard enough.   

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