Cutting off Heads : 9/2/2014

Cutting Off Heads…


Dr. George H. Elder 

And so another war cannot be ignored, largely in an area that we “liberated.” I wonder if ISIS would have come into existence in an Iraq run by Saddam? Perhaps an enfeebled version might have sprung up in Syria, but I tend to doubt it would have gotten any further. Saddam was a brutal tyrant who savagely suppressed any uprisings and military actions that were not of his making. So we freed the Iraqi people from a tyrant, and opened the door to an organization that literally wallows in blood and savagery. Indeed, ISIS seeks to expand into Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as in some modern day version of an ancient plague that is manned by psychopaths and led by self-serving demagogues who wear religious rags and Rolex watches. 

Well, what to do? Two Americans have had their heads cut off in brutal fashions, and we’ve probably killed a few hundred ISIS fighters, either directly or indirectly. But these are early days. ISIS is good at recruiting, appealing to people who do not think very deeply–but are keen on making themselves “better than” or “holier than” by way of unmitigated cruelty and violence. They are largely outcasts, people who have nothing but brutality and fear to mark themselves as powerful or worthy or righteous. They remind me of the old KKK, members of which marched under a banner of Christian ideals while lynching, burning and castrating people. 

Yet ISIS has money and the mendacious enterprise and efficiency of a criminal organization. In short, they must be countered, and that is why we will become just like them in our destructive ends–though perhaps not in our means. Nonetheless, our ends will be to obliterate ISIS as an organization, though killing ideas is never easy. Some fool always picks up lost causes, as Putin is by picking up the pieces of Hitler’s shattered nationalistic dreams and using the bits to achieve his own destitute ends. In the meantime, we become the killer of killers, and so it goes. To be sure, there is little choice, and therein resides the problem. There is no end to the spiral we are on. 

ISIS cuts off heads, and we will bring hell-fire down upon them en masse. And so it will go until one day some bright lad develops a vengeance weapon that causes such harm to us and our friends that the hell-fire bombs and missiles we drop turns into the same nuclear fires that power the sun–with actions and reactions leading to a largely empty battlefield. That is the course of events, their ultimate resolution when one plays out all the cards. I often ponder if a better outcome might have evolved if we had simply stayed away. But the arrow of time moves in one direction, and thus there are no do-overs. They cut off heads, and we drop bombs. How far we have strayed from God’s path, and especially those who claim to be acting in Allah’s name. Rough times ahead…

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