Israel’s Bitch : 7/20/2014


by Dr. George H. Elder

            Few Americans make any kind of meaningful stand protesting what Israel has done in the Gaza strip, a fact that is clearly evidenced by the recent Congressional authorization of $225 million for the Iron Dome shield. The vote was a whopping 395 to 8, with the likes of Harry Reid offering that even more money would be forthcoming. This, in conjunction with the administration authorizing yet more weapon transfers to Israel, clearly indicates which side the US has taken–and always takes. It has been this way for many years, though some Americans are deeply disturbed by the blatant bias of  “our” foreign policy.

            Of course, most Americans approve of Israel’s action, with 57% opining that the Jewish state’s ongoing war against the Palestinians is justified. This is despite the horrible pictures of dead and dying kids, mutilated bodies, and the vile collective punishments that proliferate by the day. So how did it come to this? After all, the US usually does not support the mass killing of children, women, and civilians, at least overtly. Yet here we are, tossing more weapons into the fray–thus insuring the IDF can “mow the lawn” even closer. That’s what they call these “cleansing” operations in Israel, with the notion being that Palestinians are little more than weeds that require an occasional pruning via the ham-fisted shears of the IDF.

            America’s actions must both inflame and mystify many abroad, and especially those in Palestine. After all, it is largely American ordnance that has killed 1,700+ and wounded another 8,500 Palestinians–figures that are bound to grow. It is as if we have donned moral blinders that obscure the massive loss of life and property that the IDF is causing–an idiotic policy that only serves to make more radicals. If it were my mother, father, brother or sister who was being laid low, I would want revenge–just as those traumatized people most certainly do.

            And they will lash out, thus feeding Netanyahu yet more political fodder–more “reasons” to feed off those innocents some arrogant Israelis call weeds. Now, we in the US are largely blind to all this, with most not understanding that American policies regarding the Middle East were the impetus for those radicals who took down the twin towers. We just don’t get it–as in understand how a vote to arm those who murder people en masse will come back to haunt us in the end. Nor do the Moslem masses understand why the US reacts as it does, so please let me offer one American’s view.

            The truth is, the US is an “occupied” country–a place where a disproportionate amount of the media and nearly all of the political power rests in the hands of a wealthy and vested elite. And in the US, the Jews are amongst the elite in many fields. As a group, the Jews have worked very hard to accomplish this end–which was hard-going for a small and disenfranchised group. Currently, there are between 6,200,000 and 8,300,000 Jews in the United States, depending on how one categorizes what being a Jew is. If one extends religious affiliation to having a grandparent who was/is Jewish, the US Jewish population rises to roughly 11,000,000. These sound like big numbers, but as a percentage of the US population (310,000,000+) they are tiny–ranging from 2.0% to 3.5%.

            Moreover, it is not like the entire US Jewish population is monolithic on most issues. As has been often observed, the definition of an argument is putting two Jews in the same room. I have known numerous Jews, and consider many to be good friends. It is a mistake for anyone to think that all Jews are alike, that most worship money, and that many have no ethical values. Granted, every so often a Woody Allen comes along who is wanton and salacious enough to cast a grim light on an entire people, but it is lunacy to judge the whole from the actions of any one person. Allen-type debauchery occurs in members of all faiths, and it is my personal observation that most Jews are moral people.

            They are successful, bright, and wealthy. Over half (55%) of all Jews in the US have a college degree and 25% hold advanced degrees. Only 29% of the general US population holds college degrees and just 6% have Master’s or PhD’s. Truth is, most Jews prioritize education, and invest heavily in their children’s academic and career futures. This pays off. Over 60% of all employed Jews have professional/technical (41%), management and executive (13%), or business and finance jobs (7%). As a result, 46% of all US Jewish families had an income of $100,000 or more in 2010, while 75% were in the $50,000 or above bracket. Corresponding figures for the US average are just 18% at $100,000 or more and 48% at $50,000 or more. The Hindus have also achieved lofty economic standards in the US, but no other religion is even close.

            The point is, Jewish Americans control a great deal of economic, corporate, professional, media, and technical power, especially in relationship to their modest numbers. I laud these accomplishments, for much bigotry and entrenched reticence had to be overcome. Indeed, there was a time when Jews were not welcome to participate in American politics, but now there are 12 Jews in the Senate and 22 in the House, with the 12 in the Senate representing 12% of its total membership vs. the mere 2.0% to 3.5% of Jews in the national population. Once again, no one begrudges Jews from making such progress on so many fronts.

            And while Jews seldom agree on anything, they have a gaping blind spot for Israel. To be sure, many American Jews are as loyal to Israel as they are to the US, and thus some of the primary reasons for US policy bias are fairly obvious. When it comes to Israel, America Jews tend to both fund and vote for those who defend its interests, and thus there are hardly any differences between Republican and Democratic policies regarding Israel. In America, power goes where the money flows, with the press beating whatever drumbeat its financial masters dictate.

            People from afar must understand that the notion of the US being a democracy is largely an illusion. Our political system has become predicated on who can garner the most “contributions”–which our courts equate with “freedom” of speech. I know that sounds absurd, but politics in the US is far from reasoned discourse between independent parties. If anything, we have a power system based on public relations, and it costs a lot to make glossy commercials criticizing your opponent and praising your own deeds–be the ads true or not. In that America has a vested Jewish elite that controls an enormous deal of wealth and public outreach capacity that can be used to pursue political ends, Israel has systematically become America’s master.

            Some Americans will claim I’m being extreme here, but please consider how the votes go on supporting Israel. You’ll seldom find such obvious bias in policy votes promoting the welfare of Poland, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, or any other nation that comes to mind. Our relationship with Israel is “special.” Indeed, we are Israel’s bitch, to be used and abused as our masters see fit. Just consider how Netanyahu taunts Kerry and Obama, his political playthings. I am ashamed of our leaders’ weakness, their political blind eyes. Eventually, there will be a terrible price to pay for this abrogation of authority. In fact, it is happening already.

            One of those kids who has witnessed his family being blown to pieces will understand that his “best” recourse is not the idiotic and impotent means of achieving “justice” that Hamas employs. He will understand that Hamas is mostly composed of irresponsible fools who butcher their own as blithely as do the Israelis. Here will be a Palestinian “weed” who studies biochemistry, earns advanced degrees, does world-class research, and becomes one of the very best on earth in understanding the genetics of life. Yet he harbors deep within a festering hatred toward all things Jewish–reliving constant nightmares of his family’s grizzly death. The trauma drives him. It hounds him, giving his soul no reprieve. So he plots in private and stays away from political affiliations, with no one knowing what this outwardly happy man’s ultimate intensions are.

            Perhaps the plague he finally releases will begin in Jerusalem, or maybe Tel Aviv. His breath will become labored as the fruits of this traumatized “weed’s” genius spread and multiply, ignoring borders and all means to contain it. He knows no Iron Shield can stop the deadly virus, and smiles while musing about how desperate Israelis will be trying to flee to the US. Yet there will be no escape–no time to make antidotes. It will be a collective punishment, as in what has been repeatedly imposed on the Palestinians. The entire world will suffer for the hatred that Netanyahu has foolishly planted in so many, and the US should not wonder why it had to be this way when the piper comes to collect his dues. We will die by the millions, perhaps finally understanding that we made some very poor choices.

            This scenario is not a matter of if, but only of when. Perhaps 50 years, maybe more or less. But there will be a terrible price for the mass murder that has been committed by the IDF, and no army or force on God’s earth can prevent it. Feast in victory, Netanyahu, but know you well that your country’s fate has been sealed–if not the world’s. The land has always been God’s, and God’s alone! Instead of sharing the garden, you opted to “weed” it again and again and again. Well, Israel will reap the harvest of hatred that it has planted. As for we Americans, it is important to understand that being anyone’s bitch has a steep cost.


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