Putin Hitler: Russia’s Big Mistake : 7/1/2014

Putin Hitler: Russia’s Big Mistake

By Dr. George H. Elder


            Putin ordered his “special” forces and troops to seize the Crimea, and no one stood against him. Oh, the US and others complained bitterly, but now his sights are being set on the Eastern Ukraine. In the meantime, we hear cheering Russian masses singing patriotic songs. Those masses also smiled and cheered when anti-gay laws were passed, with Putin being all to happy to engage in the same scapegoating that dictators traditionally use to unite the unwashed. They claim the “out-group” is the result of all ills, but the leader is strong enough to take them on. Indeed, the leader is wise and powerful, capable of crafting a new world order where a down and out nation is once again respected.

             Hilary made the obvious comparison between Hitler and Putin, something our erstwhile president seems loath to do. Oh, we threaten sanctions, do nasty economic things, but it seems American power has been vacated. Getting involved in Afghanistan and Iraq has exhausted the country on many levels, and at present we lack the gumption to stand up to Syria’s perfidy, let alone Putin’s. So we carp mightily while Syrian children die en masses, and cry aloud as countries are consumed by a man of consummate wickedness, a willful man who lies with all the practiced aplomb of so many of our own political leaders.

             I despise the prospect of war, and did not want us getting involved in Iraq or any number of other areas wherein there was the prospect of long-term boots on hostile ground. This is seldom a good idea, although that lesson seems slow in coming to some US leaders. Now, we have squandered lives, treasure, and public determination on treks that ill-served the country’s long-term interests. Our goal ought to have been simple. Destroy those who caused 9/11. We opted to build nations instead, something we could never do considering the political background of the countries we opted to occupy. And while our brave men and women bleed, our national will grew weaker, which is completely understandable. Indeed, we all realized that “our” democracy is not the bread-and-butter of many cultures, and thus what kind of nations could we really build?

             Now we have a vicious beast afoot, a true threat to his neighbors and world peace. He is armed to the teeth with thousands of nuclear weapons, has a vast army, and seems to have no compunction against using force. Putin Hitler knows we lack the will to confront him, and thus he has opted to run wild. He will take and expand, until his dear Russia is what it once was–a vast amalgamation of captive souls who dare not complain. He will use intimidation for the most part, but eventually, he will kill more directly. It is the Beast’s way, and always has been. And all the while, the Russian mass’ will cheer his name, this new messiah of the Rus.   

             In the end, he will miscalculate. Nearly all dictator’s do, for they are creatures of unbridled narcissism and ego. This can lead the world and Russia into a disaster that makes WWII seem like a tea party. Imagine if Putin Hitler goes after a treaty state, and thus the US and others are compelled to react. That’s when it all can end, in hundreds of blinding flashes that incinerate millions of souls. So what do we do? Well, the only recourse I can see is for him to die, though I am ashamed to confess the depravity that such a conclusion betrays.

             My hope is that a Russian patriot will do the deed, and Putin Hitler certainly has no lack of home-grown enemies. Indeed, his opponents are the world’s best hope, and their efforts should be supported. I know “our” direct involvement in killing Putin Hitler violates US and international Laws, and it also violates my own ethical standards because I feel all life is precious. But if Putin Hitler lives, millions will die or suffer. One has to ask, would it have been better to kill Hitler in 1937, or to have let WWII happen? Is the loss of one man worth the death of 50 million people? It is a fair question, though arguing alternative realities is pointless for beings that are bound to the present.

             Putin Hitler has shown himself to be a beast in every sense of the word, and it is far better that he die than be allowed to kill. It is a question of how, and this brings us into black operations, the very things that Putin Hitler did for a living. He was a director of secret assassinations and other dark deeds, someone who ordered such operations during his 16 years of KGB “work.” I am positive his personal defenses are very strong, but there are many Russians who would much prefer to see him dead–despite the cheering masses. As for the morality involved, killing Putin Hitler is far better than the eventual destruction of a multitude, including his admirers.

             This essay comes to an admittedly terrible conclusion, one that sanctions death as a means of preserving life. I suppose one could use the same rational to justify killing any leader who invades another country, and perhaps that is not such a wicked thing. As a man who has sought God in many ways, I find my conclusions disturbing and unethical. It is the byproduct of a man who cannot call himself good, for seeking the death of anyone is inherently bad. I wish I could discern another way of dealing with Putin Hitler, but I cannot. He is the end product of an institution that wallowed in blood, and we see from the abuse of his nation’s laws and the rights of those around him that this Beast is a clear and present danger to the entire world. It is better that he pass, and for advocating that–I am as dreadful as he.

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