Putin… To Kill, or not to Kill : 9/1/2014

Putin… To Kill, or not to Kill 

by Dr. George H. Elder


            It is utterly wrong to openly call for the death of anyone. A person who does so is violating one of the most basic principles that defines us as a species–that of respecting our joint right to life. Yet that is what I am advocating, as in the assassination of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. To be sure, this website is part of a richly interconnected public forum, and thus the odds of someone acting on what has become a grim necessity go up as these words are being read and distributed. In addition, I am going to post this article on Russian websites, for the only person who can perform this essentially patriotic duty is a Russian. Finally, I will direct this piece as if it were a personal letter to Mr. Putin, perhaps in the naïve hope that words can change realities. 

            Mr. Putin, I am unimportant by the typical standards people are measured, with no wealth, or power, or great influence. Nonetheless, I am compelled to openly call for your assassination, though I freely confess that promoting this idea makes me every bit as wicked as you. The problem is, you have the ability to put truly “bad” policies into effect, and they are currently killing and maiming thousands of innocent people–including your fellow Russians. Moreover, the prospect of a war with NATO has also come into play, and thus the entire world is now at risk. This is all the outcome of your incessant quest to craft a “New Russia,” complete with persecuting various out-groups and minorities in order to help rally and unite the Russian people.  

            Nationalism is an ancient concept that has consumed untold millions along the way. You decided to walk that miserable path, taking bits and pieces of countries wherever and whenever you deemed appropriate. These tactics are as tedious and they are mendacious–mere replays of the deeds of Mussolini, Hitler, and their many predecessors. It does not seem to bother you that thousands of Ukrainians, Georgians, and Russians have already died because of your policies, as if these lost lives mean nothing. You certainly shed no tears when that vexing reporter, Anna Politkovskaya, was assassinated, though you pretended to be concerned about the loss of this ardent critic. Indeed, your critics face the harshest of realities, for such has become the stifling inclinations of the New Russia.  

            All of that is dust in the wind, especially considering your single-minded quest to bend the world to your will–the ultimate megalomaniacal manifestation of absolute power. As a former KBG spy, you had ample practice in using people as means to desired ends, and one does not have to wonder what these ends are. They are to place you at the head of a united and powerful Russia, a cause that the Russian people have bought into without thought of where this “passion play” will lead. I do not know if your vision is sincere, delusional, or the banal product of cynical political needs that no one can fully discern. Yet these possibilities are inconsequential in comparison with what is unfolding.  

            Mr. Putin, you have set up the dynamics for Armageddon, which is just one more land-grab away. The West has always been weak in terms of confronting totalitarian aggression, and your past land-grabs are no exception. You ordered the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with Georgia being unable to resist. The West barely raised an eyebrow, and your fellow Russians lauded the exercise. After all, there were only a few thousand killed or wounded, with just 350 Russian casualties. The occupation of Crimea was even less expensive in terms of blood, a mere handful as the province was easily wrested from the Ukraine. A few sanctions were mounted, but business with the West continued. Now comes the gradual takeover of Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions, a “unification” operation that is resulting in thousands of casualties.  

            The West is at long last reacting, and all the necessary elements are in play for untold misery. Yet no one controls all the pieces on the board, and God help us if you make the wrong move. Despite the obvious dangers, the Russian people love you, Mr. Putin, just as the cheering German masses loved Hitler. Of course, history shows that aggressive nationalistic foreign policies can ultimately lead to confrontations wherein millions die–as is the distinct danger in the current case. Is crafting the New Russia worth that much? Furthermore, what gives you the right to take risks that endanger the entire world–including Russia’s very existence?  

            Do you lust for bits of Latvia and Estonia? More Russians are there to unite with, and how the home crowd would applaud with an additional Anschluss or two! They would love you even more, and chant your name on high. Perhaps a piece of some land further removed would be less problematic at present. My friend, you opted for this dreary predatory course, and now the Russian people expect nationalistic results on a constant basis. The tail can wag the dog for some time, Mr. Putin, but eventually the dog begins to wag the tail. Your control is illusory, and as the sanctions bight, so too will your willingness to use militaristic means that can lead to extreme responses.  

            We all know where this leads, Sir, and that is not a place where many of us want to go! The only recourse is your giving up power or dying. Since you have clung to power with a vice-like grip for many years, it seems there is but one answer. You must die, Mr. Putin–and preferably at the hands of a Russian patriot who can see where your policies lead. My goodness, you have been raising hell with your neighbors for many years, and NATO has finally gotten its lethargic ass in gear. Your next move could be the world’s last, although you would most certainly take the risk rather than “back down.” Authoritarians cannot compromise, for they are bound by public images that allow no perception of weakness. To be seen as weak is to become extinct, with sweet lies being employed as useful palliatives on occasion.  

            I do not suspect God will forgive me for advocating your assassination, Mr. Putin, and I certainly cannot forgive myself for acting is such a wanton and evil manner. However, I can see no recourse given your past and what you are currently doing. I am sure that millions of others feel the same way, and a few will act. Who knows? Perhaps it will be someone reading this article, a person who recognizes your threat to our joint existence. Mr. Putin, you seem willing to happily lead your people into the fires of perdition, which is the only outcome that can arise from this incessant land-grabbing and saber rattling. Will Moscow burn along with New York and London? It is coming down to that, and you know it.  

            It is time for Russian patriots to act, although the person who finally breaks through the shields will be hated, hunted, and suffer the most savage fate imaginable. Yet in the end, Mr. Putin, perhaps your removal from this reality will begin to purge the nationalistic poison that has been injected into the veins of so many Russians. Perhaps they will one day see how the future of their nation and all of humanity was secured by a brave person who did what was least desired but most needed. This seems to be our only recourse, Mr. Putin, for your pursuit of absolute power is worth only one more life–and that life is yours.  

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