Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

            Doing a bit better, but still not very productive. I am greatly saddened by the murder of 20 children by some nut-case with a bunch of guns. It happened yesterday, and has had a very traumatic effect. I hope you folks in the future are doing better than we are with regards to these damn gun issues. The primitives in the US cling to their interpretation of the Second Amendment, which has made the country into an armed camp. It is a primal way of living, with ANYONE having access to weapons of all kinds. It is lunacy writ large, and there is NO security! Any fool has the power to easily kill, and it is often exercised!

I wrote a little prayer for the dead kids, although a redneck from Georgia didn’t like the sentiments on one posting board, equating the mass murder of kids with traffic accident losses. Can you imagine such a thing?

Grant these lost children a place frozen in time
where they are forever surrounded by their own kind.
Wrapped in environs of safety and cheer,
and dreaming of things that kids hold dear.  


            It is fairly clear that the society we have forged is a failure in many respects. Hell, our society can’t even protect its own children! It will change or dissolve. That is the nature of things, with the fatally flawed going extinct. I think where we went wrong was in placing the welfare of the individual above that of the state, which has led to all manner of problems–as in the murders and shootings we see on a daily basis. Personal responsibility toward others has been made into an option rather than an obligation, and thus the disturbed and criminal take guns into schools or playgrounds and kill kids by the score. Meanwhile, the NRA chirps about OUR right to bear arms. Idiots, myopic nitwits who suckle on automatics instead of security blankets.

            Stupid is as stupid does, and it seems we have condemned ourselves to repeat this same sad storey ad infinitum. I imagine this will happen umpteen times more during what remains of my life before going on into the future. I was going to write a comprehensive essay, but I am still seeing double. I am going back to bed. Still very tired at times–overpoweringly so. Sorry, I am letting you down. 

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